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BLUE is the new BLACK

During my time as an ER crisis worker, I was written up at least once a year for accumulated tardies.

I have also been put on levels for mistakes I made.

I am one of two individuals in the history of my department that was on a “level”. (Level three is termination.) How unfair right!?

Back story: When I first started, I got so mad about a PTO policy that changed; I impulsively went straight to the CEO. 🙈😬 Soon after, I began to receive levels for “minor” mistakes.

Upon receiving this level, I went into full-on JED mode (justify, explain, defend) a.k.a JJM (JOLIET JAKE MODE) to my boss.

I was FURIOUS at her audacity because I had stayed late the night before!


How dare THEY!!!”

I then exclaimed, “It was 7:01! Can’t you let this slide?” (What about the other six late clock-ins? 🤔)

I pissed and moaned about it to my coworkers.

One day, a nurse in another department candidly told me “I’ve been on a level before. You know what? It’s just to help you learn. It’s not like a jail sentence.”

When I stopped blaming, I was able to see clearly what I did wrong and how I need to change. I DESERVED the LEVEL.

This level was about a choice I made.

This level was about a mistake I made.

My justification that it’s “no big deal” or my valid reasons for committing this violation does not matter.

It is a rule, policy, procedure etc. and I broke it. PERIOD.

I needed to THINK.

I needed to THINK, With MY BRAIN, Not the internet.

OWN IT. Learn from it. Accept. Admit. I.was.wrong.

I needed to feel the pain and shame of the consequences in order to change.

I preferred to “get in trouble” individually than have my whole team suffer for my mistake, my ignorance, and my stupidity.

Just as I HATED it when I was a kid and we lost recess because of the one asshole who wouldn’t stop talking. I never wanted to be that kid.

I didn’t want to be that coworker.

Takin one for the team.

This “dumb” rule and it’s “unfair” consequences is to prevent much bigger mistakes from occurring in the future.

I attended a mandatory re-training, with clear concise examples and the consequences if not followed-ahead of time. Also annual trainings to keep this fresh in our mind.

Oh and remember how I went straight to the CEO when I wanted to have a tantrum about what I didn’t like? I learned to follow the chain of command. It is there for a reason. I get it…now. If I didn’t make those mistakes, perhaps I wouldn’t have.

Do I deserve to lose my pension because I made some bad choices?

Should my entire department lose their pension because of my mistake?

Speaking of losing pensions, here is another authoritative tale where I believed I was right…This is in regards to the countless tickets I have received for speeding, failure to come to a complete stop at a red light prior to turning right, and blowing red lights.

After my violation, I would respectfully hand over my insurance card and license to the police officer with a sweet, innocent smile. Sometimes, in a vain attempt to get out of the ticket, I may have flirted a little.

This manipulative behavior on my part would be dismissed with a “nice try” nod or a wink as if to acknowledge the effort. Then the police officer did their job by handing me the ticket.

Later, while attending court to fight this outlandish claim: I smiled, apologized and respectfully presented my case.

After all, I had VALID reasons why!!!

However, deep down I knew the truth.

I wasn’t truly sorry….I was sorry because I got caught. Perhaps this ONE time I may have been right; but what about was 27 other times I made the same mistake and didn’t get caught.

I was only sorry for my behavior because it hit me where it hurt. 💰 💴 ⏰ I could not afford the consequences.

Therefore, I was not GENUINELY sorry, but feeling sorry for myself.

After my presentation at court, you know what the police officer or judge would reply 97% of the time? Something like:

“You weren’t even close.”😂😎

I didn’t get out of it.

I didn’t have a tantrum. I didn’t persuade anyone in powerful positions that “I know” to get me out of it.

I was stuck with the consequences as I should be.

I paid the $200 fine. I went to traffic school. I drove more cautiously to avoid future infractions. I learned to stop the behavior.

Should I have gotten a lower fine because I’m a woman?

Should I have gotten a lower fine because women earn less than men?

Would a man have gotten out of this?

Was I just pulled over because I am a female?

Was I written up because I am a female?

I don’t know all the answers but I’m leaning toward a hard NO. My point is, we are all humans and make mistakes. I can at least own my part. Shouldn’t we all?

Some make worse mistakes than others and those individuals need to receive their appropriate consequences.

We still ALL EQUALLY need consequences to continue to learn and function in society. Yes, of course there are racist and sexist people in this world; but there are many more who are not.

What happened to accountability?

I knew the rules and I still chose to break them.

I am aware if I commit a serious crime, I go to jail. No getting out of it. I respect my freedom so I obey the law. (See below for Chris Rock- obey the law skit)

I DO NOT deserve special treatment because I am a woman.

I SHOULD NOT be let off easy because I’m really, really good looking 😜(Zoolander). (See halo effect)

That is the BOTTOM LINE.

There are NO excuses.

There are no valid reasons.

I should receive consequences and re-training.

It never even OCCURRED to me to argue with police or judges.

Perhaps some would call this an example of “white privilege.”


I call it RESPECT for our COUNTRY.

I call it RESPECT for the RULES.

I call it respect for those HUMAN BEINGS who are doing their extremely difficult job to enforce the rules.

I don’t know about you, but I NEED rules.

I need authority.

I’m not sure when all this ENABLING started, but it has to stop.

In a time, not too long ago, we used be like this:

A time when people laughed instead of being offended about everything.

How can we get back to this? Where we laughed and celebrated our differences?

How can we move forward from today and stop being so divided? In the end, we are all equal human beings, aren’t we?

Perhaps making everyone read this book below as a mandatory part of being a United States Citizen would help us remember.

Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know https://www.amazon.com/dp/0316478520/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_3j2aGb1RGFC5V

Regardless of what any of us think of our previous president, he is human too. One person cannot be held responsible for everything. There is a LONG chain of command that is also accountable. We NEED Many LEADERS! Like thousands!

Addendum: https://markmanson.net/newsletters/mindfck-monday-66?vgo_ee=uZEOWBYMFd2rLfzi%2BJIpDmQOP8ZXmRzMvz3Yw%2BcA7gI%3D

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Which “ING” have you been doing?

Yea, me too…

I recognized this morning that “I’m doing it wrong.”

Weekend Goals


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The Great Pretender

“We live in a world where we don’t say what we are thinking and feeling, we say what we think other people want to hear.” Kyle Cease

When I published my book last year, I was petrified what people would think. I assumed I would be judged and that is why it took me so long to just do it. I actually lost my entire book at one point because I did not back it up to a zip drive and the laptop crashed. I attempted to re-write it, eliminating parts that may make people uncomfortable; however the same story played in my head again the same way as I wrote it the second time.

To me, my book is JUST A STORY. It is a story I created in my head with some true and untrue things. I changed a lot of my story because…I can. My past cannot define who I am. I wrote from the heart, I wrote my from soul, and I wrote whatever popped in my head regardless if it made sense, really happened or who I thought of when I wrote it. If I wrote exactly what happened with an outline and bullet points; I may have lost connection to the reader.

I have had many people provide feedback like “I could not put it down” or “I was reading non-stop and then something happened and I stopped.” etc. I believe the people who “could not put it down” are the ones who read it as “just a story”. The ones who stopped and  “got stuck” seem to be the ones who know me very well and “get stuck” just like the protagonist in the story did. They began to try and find the facts, figure out what is true and what isn’t, and feel those feelings so personally that it became too painful, uncomfortable, overwhelming, exciting, infuriating, invigorating, sad or humiliating.

Either way, it is a compliment.

I have never felt like I belonged anywhere because I’ve always said what I meant, felt or thought. Many times people were offended or viewed my words as a weakness, stupid or my honesty blunt or abrasive.

Therefore, I viewed myself as weak, weird and that I did not fit in. Oddly, once I completed my book, my past seemed to stop defining me. Perhaps because I faced it, embraced it and moved on; I realized that the past can be changed and it truly is just a story. I found it to be very therapeutic being real, raw and honest.

There is nothing more attractive to me than someone who speaks the truth about their emotions or thoughts. If you are a guy on a first date and feeling nervous AF, say “I am thinking so hard of something to good to say” or  “I am nervous AF”. That is SEXY AF to me. If you play the “cool card” and behave aloof, distant and stand offish (dickish); then you may attract the same person who finds this attractive because they also are not being themselves.

Instead of talking about some lame weather comment in an elevator, say what you think or feel “elevator rides are always so awkward aren’t they?”

The definition of “Stand off” is a situation in which neither of two opposing groups or forces will make a move until the other one does something, so nothing can happen until one of them gives away;  a stalemate

If people keep “pretending” to be themselves then there is a deadlock and intimacy can never happen. “Pretending” to be happy. “Pretending” to be fine. I attended a conference called THE LANDMARK FORUM this weekend and it was a mind-blowing experience. This Forum brings a new meaning to “BEING YO SELF”. Trust me, everyone should go!

It seems like I can now see ….clearly. Human interaction makes so much more sense. Of course a movie popped in my head that portrays exactly what happens. (This is an example from the movie Swingers.)

Mike: So how long do I wait to call?
Trent: A day.
Mike: Tomorrow.
Sue: Tomorrow, then a day.
Trent: Yeah.
Mike: So two days?
Trent: Yeah, I guess you could call it that, two days.
Sue: Definitely, two days is like industry standard.
Trent: You know I used to wait two days to call anybody, but now it’s like everyone in town waits two days. So I think three days is kind of money. What do you think?
Sue: Yeah, but two’s enough not to look anxious.
Trent: But I think three days is kind of money. You know because you…
Mike: Yeah, but you know what, maybe I’ll wait 3 weeks. How’s that? And tell her I was cleaning out my wallet and I just happened to run into her number.
Charles: Then ask her where you met her.
Mike: Yeah, I’ll ask her where I met her. I don’t remember. What does she look like? And then I’ll asked if we fucked. Is that… would that be… T, would that be the money?
Trent: You know what. Ha ha ha Mike, laugh all you want but if you call too soon you might scare off a nice baby who’s ready to party.
Mike: Well how long are you guys gonna wait to call your babies?
Trent, Sue: Six days.

In Swingers, the entire movie Mike is struggling with a break up and listening to his friends about how to act in the dating scene and “bag some beautiful babies”. He’s awkward, uncomfortable and does not fit in the whole movie. His two buddies say what they think everyone wants to hear and they are bagging chics non-stop (who are also pretending). Finally at the end, Mike meets a girl who is also going through a break up. They are both honest, real, awkward but their chemistry explodes. Mike whips out some ballroom swing dancing at the end leaving his “great pretender” buddies mind-blown and jaws dropped open.


In the moment, we are always feeling something so if you say what you are feeling, another person may respond like “I know what that feels like” and connect with you. When you feel one way, but pretend to be another way, this mixed signal will have others put their walls up and pretend too.

Say what you FEEL. Say what you MEAN. MEAN what YOU SAY. Be REAL. Be AUTHENTIC. Be YOU.

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Women are Kind of a Big Deal….

It’s tough to believe that anyone genuinely cares anymore, like if the emails and texts we receive are from a real person or computer generated. It’s a challenge to have anyone talk to you face to face without looking at their phone constantly. It’s nearly impossible to tell a story without someone one upping you with some outlandish story they found in comparison on social media…

However…This is a real, 100% true experience I had that I feel compelled to share. I wrote this letter to the owner of a car dealership….

Dear Mr. Hawkinson, (Bob Hawkinson of Hawkinson Nissan & Kia In Matteson, Illinois)

“I did consider leaving your car dealership on Saturday October 21st, 2018 because my husband wanted me to go to Ed Napleton in Elmhurst and purchase a 2019 Kia Sorento through union plus. This would have saved us $2000 than your in stock model. My husband of 16 years did not want me to purchase from a dealer alone and is extremely skeptical of “salesmen”. What I heard is “You are a dumb woman who can’t handle a man’s world.”


“In dealing with your staff, the future convenience factor is what sold me because my time is more valuable than money.

I did end up purchasing a 2019 vehicle (Kia Sorento)with your dealership…

Why this is such a big deal….”

“This is my first time ever purchasing a new vehicle from a dealer. We have not purchased a car since 2005 with Carmax. The last car I bought ON MY OWN was with $500 cash and the muffler was burnt to a crisp.

Why this is important…”

“Earlier that afternoon, I went to the KIA dealer in Orland ready to buy a car and the sales staff turned me off. I was treated with courtesy… until I advised I had a budget. The staff who were older than myself, made me wait for a long time to even talk to someone after that. Despite my having an appointment and I also confirmed my attendance to four annoying, impersonal texts and emails to ensure I attended this appointment.”

It seemed like none of that mattered.

The two staff, Felicia and Jason, were nice, but it seemed like cliche sales behavior that did not feel genuine. I am a business professional;  however I am a full time mom on the weekends and I was wearing a baseball hat, jeans and a sweatshirt. Maybe because I looked like I was nobody important is why I was treated this way.”

“I gave them my license, which took like thirty minutes for her to return with. They finally pulled up a car for me to drive after a bunch of problems (excuses).”

“It was unexpectedly snowing out and freezing for October. The sales rep goes back inside again while I’m standing there alone freezing and under-dressed. I decided to get in the car and test drive the car around lot for two minutes. When I came back, the sales staff made a comment like I was going to steal the car”. (Please…Bye Felicia)

“Then she smugly suggested that I navigate outside ALONE in the huge lot in the snowing, cold, blustery weather to look for a car. This was bizarre, disrespectful, tacky and unprofessional. I felt like the two available sales staff did not want to deal with me because I was not financially worth their time.”

“I left this dealership emotional, discouraged and frustrated. I wanted to go home but I had to get this car situation done. My rental from my insurance lease time was up in 2 days. My last car was totaled in an accident down the block from house. (Someone was texting and driving and did not look up in time to see I was stopped & my turning signal was on to turn left down my block.)”

“I decided to try your dealership in Matteson. I called and Tricia texted me the address and she made me laugh, feel welcome and important.”

“That makes such a difference.

Tricia then looked up the model I wanted and let me know what you had in stock. Tricia then followed up with me via text to make sure I found your place and asked who my sales rep is. She said I’m in good hands with Chyma Radcliff and this team effort impressed me. This woman was the gatekeeper of this experience…”

“Your dealership seemed much busier than the Orland one, however your sales rep Chyma Radcliff took care of me immediately. Chyma’s professional attire and demeanor made a difference; but it was his genuine and stellar personality that sold me.”

“I told Chyma the same thing about my car budget as I did with Orland dealership. Chyma went and pulled two cars up immediately and had me wait inside until everything was arranged. Male or Female, this is a courtesy that is noticed! Chyma held onto my license but went with me for the drive immediately. HUGE DIFFERENCE! Excellent sales tactic.”

“Chyma thoroughly explained everything about both cars while I was driving. Chyma spent four hours with me on and off despite other customers coming in and he even managed my anxiety in dealing with my husband and made me laugh!”

“He didn’t push me or pressure me. He just listened, talked about other things with me and validated this decision. I FELT respected and like “I was a big deal”. Chyma truly seemed genuinely interested in my history and my gut told me to trust him. I find out he’s 24 and had only been working there for 10 months. I thought,”How does this guy/kid/millennial know how to treat women?”

Perhaps this was all bullshit and I’m a sucker…

“However, as a 44 year old woman from the Southside of Chicago who was fed bullshit for breakfast, lunch and dinner by men most of my life; I decided to believe my gut instinct that I wasn’t being tricked and he was being real.”

img_3504“Then I told Chyma he could go do other work and didn’t have to sit with me the entire time while they ran my credit etc.”

Chyma replied, “That would not be professional, this is a big deal for you.”

I almost started to cry because strangers don’t treat each other like that anymore. SOLD!

“Then I met with Chris Vanek, another millennial, age 24 (who was also excellent, professional, funny and knowledgeable) to go over all the paperwork, warranty and license plates information with me. You have no idea what a relief it was to hear all these benefits with all the car problems I have had and the inconveniences of getting cars fixed etc. I ended up purchasing this car alone without a co-signer. Therefore, my husband could not intervene. 😂”

“This “kid” ensured that I would be taken care of like I deserve to be and they would provide me a rental even if I needed an oil change or car repair. Hmmmm, another millennial that treats women as if we are a big deal. Or perhaps he just treats everyone that way…”

“When I finished with Chris, I could not believe that Chyma was still waiting for me on a Saturday night at 7:15pm with my new car on display despite your dealership had closed an hour+ before.”

“They also returned the rental for me with zero hassle! Your staff “made it happen.”

“I was so blown away with how I was treated at HAWKINSON NISSAN KIA in Matteson, Illinois. I’m sure I did not look very important but everyone treated me so exceptional and like a human being regardless of my appearance!”

“It is not easy to attempt to be an independent woman and make decisions for my family and about cars that I know nothing about. Your staff overall, very empowering toward women! Therefore, I would recommend your dealership, especially to a woman, to purchase a vehicle.”

Thank you for such an amazing experience.”

It did not take a lot of time to make the owner of this dealership aware of this exceptional experience. I wrote this letter and emailed it to him. That’s it.

We put so much effort into complaining when things go wrong but not much effort is put forth when things go good or beyond our expectations. If we all took the time to acknowledge and appreciate when people do a good job and treat others as human beings instead of spending that time complaining…this country would be a better place.

It seems everyone wants to blame the millennial’s, however I just met two who know what’s up and how to treat women. Or perhaps they treat everyone this way because of how they grew up.

Bottom line: Trust your gut, believe what you think you should do for yourself, even if your spouse disagrees and that there are truly good people in this world.


My spouse got over it….eventually.

He had to buy a new car soon after, which he did while I was away for weekend. I pointed out that “you just did the same thing I did.” He justified that he “did it with the mindset” that “it was for his side job”. Yea, being a parent 97% of the time while he pursues this side job is a side job as well. 🖕🏻

😜He did not say a word after that. 😜